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I feel like Min Seol-A is Shim Su-Ryeon's real daughter since she's an orphan and since Joo Hye-In isn't her real daughter. still I cant accept the Last Episode!! The accuracy of the cast members(mail leads or not) is worth a gold medal for whoever wrote it and searched for it. For example by having Penthouse War In Life season 2 to make me understand this drama . Kim na na the question mark was supposed to be a smiley emoji hehe :). My Blood Pressure High. Cha Dec 08 2020 6:15 am I totally agree with you Naria. Usually I go for super fluffy romance thingy. So keep watch KissAsian Dramas and Drama Cool videos online Free. Someone Nov 17 2020 9:06 am Seokhoon was watching where maid were taking cash. i watch every single minute and really love all acting of the actors and actress .. perfect. Please... chilla Jan 11 2021 8:49 pm But, after watching epsd 1-2, sky castle is far better. It was hard to watch the first episode but it will grow on you as each episode goes by. I hope there will be redemption at the end. Hello @Suryeonisqueen lmao? SPOILERS!!! Could it be Yoon Hee? Let this series give justice to those whore portrait so that they show to the viewers how bad bullying is. Naria Nov 13 2020 5:15 pm You are watching only to hate but you are contributing to the success of the drama hahaha thanks for the dedication, mia Nov 08 2020 4:52 am I just keep watching this drama due to Kim So yeon only since her character totally different from her previous work. Your email address will not be published. draggie Dec 28 2020 10:28 am I don't want to watch drama until it finishes, but somehow iam watching bits of drama. The producers of the penthouse commented kim hyun soo kim young dae han ji hyun and choi ye bin have been fully displaying their refreshing charms and adding to the drama with a presence that is just as powerful as those of the adults in the story. did you not see how she never trusted her mom and always believed what other people said instead of asking her mom? Seo Ryeon is amazing and smart. the actors are so into their roles it's scary. And sure, he is treating her kindly (for now) but...his twin still has him under her pinky. in every scenes. The script of sky castle drama was well written, and made us currious in what happened next. sensible viewer Oct 29 2020 6:24 pm I would say it still holds is own ground. I just want everyone (including those bratty kids) who hurt Seol Ah to get what they deserve. Good thing i hate both her and Bae Ro Na from the very start so i have no regret. I am an avid fan of Kdrama but hopefully not this kind of thing. Bailey Dec 17 2020 6:58 pm The drama is unreal because it is makjang, just try to know more about the genre and at the beginning of each chapter there is always a message saying that it is a fictional drama and that is why it is impossible to report the drama to reality. No class at all when the writer wrote it. Will Season 2 and 3 be the continuation from Season 1 and the story will be based on the children (students) when they grow up (working in the society) or it will be another new story line with new casts and maybe another story of another prestige penthouse building in Korea? Im wondering if korean rich people behaves like this? Upper vs low class. Maybe it is just the screenwriter, taking for granted that viewers will never get tired of their repetitive plot. She's so unappreciative & rude to her mother. anonymous Nov 05 2020 6:53 am Mawar Jan 13 2021 11:33 am This is utter rubbish. The writer obviously made the characters so vicious to provoke the emotions of its audience. rounchan Dec 30 2020 9:22 am Hmm but what if the real killer is the twin’s real birth mother.....im sure she’s probably doing her own investigation on Su Ryeon and found out that seol ah was her real daughter so she came that night to push her because she hate Su ryeon....Sucks that Yoon hee is turning into an evil bitch... kdrama lover Dec 29 2020 4:29 pm And that phone... why is it in the ventilator & found after 2 months? Anne, unfortunately, really died because she fell from a very high height and her body was touched and changed many times. I don't even like all the rich kids as they are so rude. As expected. Although it's about the life of people in the penthouse, I noticed that it really has a sky castle, the world of married and graceful friends vibes but with more murders, lacks class and nastier kids. Total waste of time, whydidiwatchthis Jan 06 2021 2:10 am ella Jan 05 2021 1:18 am logically logan lee is still seol ah brother even tho he's a step brother. J. Jones Jan 15 2021 10:19 am hsshdjjd Dec 22 2020 7:46 pm I don't know why people keep doubting Yoon killed Min Seol A.. wooooaahhh it's so thrilling! flower of evil - lee joon gi and The King: Eternal Monarch. I never thought of watching this drama because of the comments saying it boils your blood.. The Fatal Encounter. @Ono: I feel the same! Love this drama and stars. Anyone can understand very well that the drama is focused on extremely rich people who are selfish and use power to destroy people and get what they want. The acting is really bad to the point im not sure how to feel toward the plot. the kids how they talkback their parents. if you guys compared this drama with sky castle.. ugh girl, hell nah. Set around the luxury Penthouse Apartment with 100 floors. Oct 24 2020 9:16 am I’m enjoying every bit of it... get miss High and mighty school director to be kidnapped and sacred for 24 hours... she needs a dose of her wickedness... Zina Dec 13 2020 2:31 pm Penthouse: War of Life. As much as i hate all the evil characters, I must say ro na is So Damn Annoying!! Joy Nov 22 2020 11:36 pm If the killer one of their child, I think it is either seokhoon or seokyoung idk why I think its one of them. The best possible ending for Seol A is for her mom to successfully avenge her death and for the Hera residents pay for their crimes. The problem is not with the characters or the drama, but with people who don't know how to interpret what is right and what is wrong. I recently finished drama "come and hug me" and Yoon Jong Hoon is very good there, I didn't realize I hated his role so much in misaeng. Wow! Why are you guys saying they that seok hoon and ro na don’t need romance. :-), Hana lee Nov 27 2020 10:37 pm This drama is very strong for strong people, burns a lot and I love it ♡. And the cast! I thought this will end in eps 16.... god i cannot wait too long, too much unrasional story line... Nansy Dec 20 2020 8:13 pm Bear Dec 30 2020 1:00 pm I think the reason why she killed Su-Ryeon was because the she was the real mother of the twins, that’s why you can see in episode 18-19 you can see Joo Dan Tae forcing her to leave the house be she couldn’t because she didn’t leave want to leave her kids and ‘her house’ because she’s the one who is suppose to be in Su-Ryeon’s position as penthouse owner since she was the real mother of the twins and she was the lover of Joo Dan Tae. If you want reality, turn on a documentary. Bae Ro Na Jan 05 2021 6:06 pm Guys those the cast in season 2 will be same like season 1? Lmaolol Dec 03 2020 11:47 am Suzyy Dec 29 2020 11:02 am Korean are good people! Kim so yeon is back. Bored Dec 28 2020 6:03 pm Is it the best plot ever? I'll keep watching to know whether the character become more intelligent or simply doing revenge with empty brain. It is too dramatic, children are really bad in this drama. jinkee mallare Nov 16 2020 11:03 am I like the drama since the beginning, so I am very proud and happy for the recognition of the incredible actors. hana Jan 05 2021 11:10 pm Probably because of the confusing plot, inconsistent pace and bad acting. Why Cheon Seo Jin’s big red ring has blood during the night when Min Seol A was murdered? OMG!!!! However, I also pity Shim Su-Ryeon and am very sad about the fact that she was murdered at the end. Did anyone see in the drama the mother of the twins, who has a tattoo on her back? Quynh Dec 20 2020 7:18 am I want this drama to still have value for me to keep watching, Lovemeu Nov 16 2020 3:18 pm It'll be real sad is Min Seol-A is really her real daughter since she dies in the 1st ep. © AsianWiki.com. Other great actors this year such as kim hee sun (Alice), lee yu ri (lie of lie) and lee se young (kairos) also have potential too. Her husband is Joo Dan-Tae (Uhm Ki-Joon). This drama went alll out with the madness. It is so far away from Sky Castle. tbh,this drama is really bad. One example is Su Ryeon, who is rich and not a bad person. and ofc her sister will help Him. Sandra Nov 17 2020 9:33 am the drama will not be 16 or 20 each of the three seasons. they are worse than the communism North Korea. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. SPOILER ALERT: In the drama it's 2019 but they have phones from 2020. Thinking that she has great talent. I was totally disappointed while watching ep 3 where Yoo Hee thinking about to kill Anna just to make her daughter get an entry to the school. I'm so angry, I loved this drama, but if this will be the end for this season I'm not gonna watch season 2 or 3. I already trusted that the writer would cause great emotions, as well as another drama I watch from her, but in The Penthouse I see the same way of writing, but in a more mature and better way. well, this drama may look like a sky castle, but it is not. Sorry but hell nope. TDS Dec 07 2020 6:19 pm TDS Dec 14 2020 2:59 pm eve vicente Nov 06 2020 4:57 pm I hope everyone watches it and supports the drama as well as the upcoming season. At first I thought pls no, not a musical drama or high school stuff. bringing those teenagers together thru friendship and realizing their mistake and atone for it is a better ending. Joo Seok-Hoon & Joo Seok-Kyung were abused by the father whenever they cant deliver good result.. Ku Yoo Kkot Dec 23 2020 12:28 am I searched up the writer and shes known for exergerated plot but this is top of the cake. Passionatewatcher Dec 29 2020 3:29 pm What bother me the most from episode 1 is they live in such a luxurious place, but people who don't live there can barge everytime, like, wtf? The cast? and cry foul "unfair this, unfair that?". This drama is really confusing but i love it I also watch this bacause of Eugene This here comeback on screen I really love this drama so much i love the plot and the story and the character I rate this drama as my #1 drama in 2020. I can't wait for that, but up until now. Yosefanny Dec 24 2020 9:36 am I really understand how people want the drama and the characters to be real. Knowing that their path is all dangerous , yet still persistent with their goal. imagine, she knew Han eun byeol messed up her entrance audition but still got in because her mom is one of the judges. Anne fought hard to keep Sugar healthy and I'm sad that it didn't work. Also Logan Lee and Shim Su Ryeon? The best k drama hahaha I'm waiting for the next episode or rather buy a CD on January 5 2021. Although it does seem like they will make them mom and daughter and they probably will kill Tutor girl off :'(. Anyway there’s no decent character in this drama. Penthouse) is a South Korean television series starring Lee Ji-ah, Kim So-yeon, Eugene, Um Ki-joon, Park Eun-seok and Yoon Jong-hoon. Gigi Nov 30 2020 5:48 pm I believe you!!! Well..why Hera Palace doesnt hv any cctv? Anieara Oct 28 2020 8:11 am I started watching this kdrama but stop on ep 3. Jane fernandez Jan 03 2021 7:33 am beacause people are starting to make false statements that on the poster of penthouse only yoon hee is standing with the man and all the woman are sitting down this is really confusing, Mandy Dec 30 2020 8:37 am i like seok hoon in real life waaha, syra^-^ Dec 01 2020 9:36 pm But that was something I expected. I cannot wait for next week. That would be a weird/ awful couple and Bae would get abused just like Joon treat his kids. Watch Penthouse: War In Life Episode 21.5 Eng Sub Video, We always provide you all latest Korean and Asian dramas in HD format with English Sub Title, You can visit our website kviki.me We always provide you entertainment by providing you all Asian drama with Eng Sub title. It would be great if Ro Na dead instead of Annie. Too tired to follow this stories... Najib razak Oct 27 2020 4:52 am - Dr Ha needs to do something about his wife & daughter, all they do is just get angry and shout at each other, which is absolutely childish behaviour. Jasmine Kwan Dec 09 2020 2:10 pm The more i watch the more i get interested in this drama ! It'll be draggy. Korean Movies. 1. Yes they do. this drama are so different from the typical wealthy people vs poor people.the character are played losslessly according to reality life.which mean we can see flaws in every character even if its the good character.they show it to us.all the emotion,facial expressions,the mess,the situations,the mood visual filter all are the best. War in life drama ep 16 ep 17 ep 18 ep 19 ep 20 penthouse. 세라 Dec 02 2020 3:40 am The residents of hera palace a luxury penthouse apartment with 100 floors have many secrets and hidden ambitions. W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; and his another sister Will also come for her revenge ofc it's Hye in. It can’t make me feel empathy with any role. The wealthies can do what they like and is it just me or does anybody else feel/see the tension between Min Seol-A and But thats what keeps the viewer keep going. anjo Dec 26 2020 8:43 am I hope that she and Yoon Hee manage to save Sugar and I hope that Ro Na respects her mother and takes good care of her. I'm sad that there's nothing good to watch in Mon-Tues after Kairos ended. Hera Dec 30 2020 4:36 pm Kim So Yeon is just too good at villain character. she cared so much about the stranger hye in when she doesn't care at all about seokhoon and seokyung. J Jan 01 2021 6:19 pm Also, in this episode, initially I felt quite bad for the other parents who weren't really involved in Min Seol Ah's death (besides Joo Dan Tae and Cheon Seo Jin of course), but knowing that they were going to go against Shim Su Ryeon by saying that they were pressured to make a confession, really changed my impression of them. Who knows? vipcy Dec 02 2020 5:46 pm Female_human Dec 14 2020 9:02 am They all look like stupid, behaves like stupid..... nothing valuable.... very cheap!!!! Like sure the two of them look cute together and the viewers want some sweet romance in the midst of the toxicity occuring in the show. I want the antogonists to suffer what they have done. penthouse s2 Jan 03 2021 4:19 am It gives nothing away in a good way... or not. Marga Dec 08 2020 4:25 am for that day according to AGB Nielson. But since this is a drama, it means the actress is doing a good job but ugh shes like LSK character from Chreese in the Trap. And Eugene I like her too. I think one greed does matter in life if it too much it could drive people insane. I also tried to answer your claim, that I may have misinterpreted, that "people hate on Rona cause she's the daughter of an evil character", is that what you were trying to say? For me, it is more important than children. The last episode was great with 17.4% (1st) rating. I can’t wait for Season 2 and see how the Hera Palace members pay for their mistakes. The acting in some is just terrible. hehe then this is probably the only drama you watch in 2020. rainykiss Dec 08 2020 11:32 pm Nice year ending drama..... zyrhyl joy palacio Dec 14 2020 2:54 am Defo Dropped. acting is so unnaturally exaggerated that it’s obviously a drama. It doesn't suit her character development at all huhu! We are happy to see you here, Share your experience with and issues with us. Aliff Dec 21 2020 8:09 pm .. And many more. Can't Wait !!! Me waiting for all hell break loose.. Kim Soyeon and Uhm Kijoon really suited to play evil characters. Wow we are almost done with the Nuthouse cast. love style n looks of lee ji ah!? Rating lover Nov 17 2020 11:05 am You cant just die like that without happy ending! I forgot if someone was also a doctor. @honeyharvest, I also followed from the beginning and I am also happy and proud that the cast was well awarded and especially Kim Hyun-Soo / Bae Ro Na who is very cute and talented and Shin Eun-Kyung / Kang Ma Ri I hope Joon only likes Yoon not her. Lmao I want to play drink a shot every time a character gets so angry and trashes/breaks everything. Bear Dec 30 2020 7:04 pm lea Nov 24 2020 11:46 pm Syrubi Nov 01 2020 9:24 am Logan Lee - Anna Lee?? ? Watch Penthouse: War In Life Episode 11 Eng Sub Video wiki Korean Show Online Free. I get myself drawn to Oh yoon hee more than Suryeon.... Let's see what the next episodes will have in store for us. //

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